… and Text

‘Text’ is also an interesting word to pursue. (I realize now that my stated distrust of etymologies must be taken as a mere excuse.)

Where ‘print’ has to do with ‘pressing’, ‘text’ has to do with ‘weaving’. Weaving a story of words, over time. Not necessarily written down, so long as it hangs together.

So as a follow-up question: is expression to print as context is to text? Context is more passive, at the least. Expression (German ‘Ausdruck’) seems to indicate a  source in the print. Context (German ‘Zusammenhang’) is simply what is hanging around the weaving, as it hangs together on its own terms.

So context is a more or less indifferent space, and expression more the hope for a living object in the print – the hope that there may be something in there that might come out.

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