Online Violin Lessons

Lessons online and in Berlin

I can offer violin lessons online through PlayWithAPro, Zoom, or FaceTime, in English and German. (Skype is possible, but the sound is not well suited to music.) I use a Yeti USB microphone for reasonable sound quality, with video through the computer. You can use whatever you have — there will always be possibilities.

If you would like to contact me, please do so through the contact form on this site.

A philosophy of teaching

I balance my focus on three pillars. (As I do when I teach at UdK — Universit√§t der K√ľnste — in Berlin.)

  • technique: how does the violin work in your hands?
  • reading: what is the piece and how is it built?
  • communication: with whom and for whom do you play?

Of course, in the current environment of ‘social distancing’, the third one is hard. But all exercises and techniques on this site are promote the processes and possibilities of playing with and for other people.

Online and virtual practise tools

Additional tools for practise and research are available on this site in three ways:

download harmognome from the app store
  • through my free app HarmoGnome (a metronome for improvising and practising over harmonic sequence –iPhone only)
  • through a developing blog of exercises and techniques for the physical issues of playing
  • through an extensive and evolving set of program notes providing musical analysis and context.