Playalong for Week 1 Winter Semester – G Major

This is the first playalong for improvisation students. 

For Students using the HarmoGnome on iPhone, it is a ii-vi-V-I progression in G major. You can switch it to any key.

Long tones and scales in-between will do it.  Just a matter of getting used to reacting and making patterns.


… do people like Russia so much suddenly? I mean, you can like them or not like them, but it seems an odd source for a political fad.

In Charlottesville, the fine folks bearing torches toward icons of knowledge and order and beauty in America were chanting about how friendly they were with Russia. It seems odd to chant about who’s your friend… doubly odd in the context of fire. But oh, well.

Crowds are so courageous! And how nice to have a whole country as your friend.


… and it may be…

That with too many clever minds set on virtual possibilities, the first to realize the simpler, practical, and likely violent applications of technology will be those who would never bother to understand how they work — but who do see how technologies, once real, can be used like hammers.

Maybe today was the day, or yesterday

… that the weaponization of the president’s Twitter account became complete, over the Red Hen restaurant.

I think this because it was the first time I didn’t even notice, or think it odd, that the president was personally threatening people via electronic character-burst. It’s just what’s done.

Perhaps the account should be suspended? That would mark the day, I suppose, that corporations became the government, my friend.