digital harmony

shepard tones

Just as an experiment, here are a few chord progressions given as shepard tones. I was curious to see/hear how they would affect the perception of voice leading. (The intonation is just: powers of 3, sequential.)

C Major: ii-V-I

ii-V-I with Shepard tones
ii-ViI with pure sine waves

C minor ii-V-i:

ii-V-i with Shepard tones
ii-V-I with pure sine waves

A harmonic minor ii-V-i:

ii-V-i (harmonic minor) with Shepard tones
ii-V-i (harmonic minor) with pure sine waves

It begins to introduce questions of voice leading and of register… and orchestration. That will all come later.

In any case, perhaps it is a useful spreading of the powers of three back into the powers of two, for the ears.

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