Maybe today was the day, or yesterday

… that the weaponization of the president’s Twitter account became complete, over the Red Hen restaurant.

I think this because it was the first time I didn’t even notice, or think it odd, that the president was personally threatening people via electronic character-burst. It’s just what’s done.

Perhaps the account should be suspended? That would mark the day, I suppose, that corporations became the government, my friend.

What would be the use of a blog…

…if not to rant?

I oughtn’t rant. It’s no use, and ranting into the void is unhealthy.

But what should one do about this US government? I live in Germany. What to do? When the cruelty is so evident and predictable, and yet so plausibly deniable to so many?

Recently visited San Francisco. Very mixed. Pretty city, full of wonders, but the psychotic homelessness doesn’t seem like the product of individual troubles. It seems like a cultural consequence, a form of rot in the culture itself. Not just a drug issue. A culture issue. A language issue. A class issue, an American-Dream issue.

And I don’t think Berkeley has the answer. It doesn’t deserve the blame, but it doesn’t have the answer.

You can see a divide there, between those who are rich enough not to care about the government, and those who are desperate enough to be unaware what it might be able to do for them — though they do seem to congregate around the civic center, as though asking the government  a question, or at least pointing out its essential vacancy.

I don’t think this experiment in government-absence will turn out well. But I don’t think it will be stopped.

On the way back there was a high school field trip traveling to London in business class.


One of the strange results of the financial crisis of 2008 is that it got everyone believing that business was just swindling. But the result of that result was that a swindler pretending to be a businessman became President. And I’m not sure he even knows that he’s a swindler, because swindling is his business.


really? that guy?

I still don’t know why anyone would want this president to be president. Guys like him are not supposed to get further than the house of representatives.

If someone can explain it without resorting to slogans and memes about who’s lying and who’s crooked, that would be interesting… but… well we’ve been through it already…

Also: I don’t want to hear that he’s playing on fear of violence. It’s the desire for violence that he’s playing on. That’s why it works.

It’s always the ‘iron fist of truth’ (as promoted by the NRA) that seems to be behind this idiocy.


Annie Proulx’s assessment

Annie Proulx described the internet as ‘a garbage-filled tsunami’. It is the best description I’ve heard. There’s no need to improve on it until the medium improves itself.

I think I’m just beginning to know how to deal with it, to understand that the tsunami itself is virtual.

I hope the garbage is, too.

The current cultural moment may all be a bit like the story people of running away from the movie of a train coming (in 1896 or whatever it was, if it indeed happened).

Except everyone in the world is doing it at the same time, and running in different directions.